Leading cloud provider joins CNCF to help connect China’s cloud computing community more closely with the growing open source foundation

BEIJING – LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen China – June 19, 2017 – The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which is sustaining and integrating open source technologies to orchestrate containers as part of a microservices architecture, today announced that Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, has joined the Foundation as a Gold Member to help advance cloud native adoption in global markets.

“We are thrilled to have Alibaba Cloud, an active member of the container community, become a Gold Member of CNCF,” said Dan Kohn, Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “The company’s global presence from a cloud provider perspective will help CNCF to capitalize on the growing international market – attracting contributors from around the world and benefiting our technology project portfolio.”

Since CNCF was founded, Alibaba Cloud has been contributing code to projects under its umbrella, like Kubernetes and containerd. Now, as a Foundation member, Alibaba Cloud plans to integrate relevant CNCF projects into its own products – equipping its developers and customers worldwide with agile architecture and dynamic applications.

“Alibaba Cloud is a keen advocate for a cloud native ecosystem that promotes open source technologies and service standardization. We offer a cloud native environment that enables micro-service architecture, which is revolutionizing the way applications are deployed and managed,” said Tang Hong, Chief Architect at Alibaba Cloud. “We look forward to contributing to the CNCF community by adopting technologies developed through CNCF projects, contributing code to the projects and collaborating with fellow members.”

CNCF is a proud Gold Sponsor of LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen China and will have a booth – located at B04 – staffed with the Foundation team and member company technologists. At the event, Kohn will present “Migrating Legacy Monoliths to Cloud Native Microservices Architectures on Kubernetes” at 11:40 am CST on Tuesday, June 20 in Room 309A.

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Cloud native computing uses an open source software stack to deploy applications as microservices, packaging each part into its own container, and dynamically orchestrating those containers to optimize resource utilization. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) hosts critical components of those software stacks including Kubernetes, Fluentd, Linkerd, Prometheus, OpenTracing, gRPC, CoreDNS, containerd, rkt and CNI; brings together the industry’s top developers, end users and vendors; and serves as a neutral home for collaboration. CNCF is part of The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization. For more information about CNCF, please visit: https://www.cncf.io/.