Global Leader Joins Fast-Growing Foundation to Accelerate Adoption of Cloud Native Infrastructure, Expands Involvement in Kubernetes

SEATTLE – CloudNativeCon/KubeCon – November 8, 2016 – The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which is sustaining and integrating open source technologies to orchestrate containers of microservices, today announced that Samsung SDS is a new Platinum Member. The company joins existing Platinum members Cisco, CoreOS, Docker, Fujitsu, Google, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Joyent, Mesosphere, Red Hat and Supernap in the industry effort to advance cloud native technologies.

“Samsung SDS is dedicated to improving the velocity and efficiency of DevOps teams,” said Richard Kaufmann, Vice President at Samsung SDS. “This commitment is evident through our professional service support for Kubernetes implementations and organizational consultation services. Through these services, we help capture opportunities for positive transformations in team constructs and processes. Critical to our hyper-connected economy, it is vital to become part of a well-functioning open-source community that delivers production-grade infrastructure software.”

As a technology team committed to invisible infrastructure, Samsung SDS brings insight into the requirements of modern web services, and mobile developers. With today’s announcement, Samsung SDS is increasing its commitment to advance cloud native innovation and support relevant technologies – like Kubernetes, Prometheus and OpenTracing – to help make open source systems easier to deploy, use and maintain.

“Samsung SDS has been a driving force behind Kubernetes since 2014 and we are committed to advancing containerized architectures,” said Bob Wise, Chief Cloud Technologist at Samsung SDS. “Kubernetes has the unique capability of simplifying deployment and execution in the hybrid-cloud-reality, in which advanced DevOps teams live. We are excited to join CNCF to help drive adoption of Kubernetes and other CNCF hosted projects by working more closely with these communities.”

As part of its Platinum membership, Wise will join CNCF’s Governing Board. Samsung SDS is also eager to work with CNCF’s 1,000 node community cluster to improve scalability of Kubernetes and related technologies – building on the commitment to see CNCF deliver production-capable software in the trunk releases.

“Samsung SDS has been working for some time to help Kubernetes succeed in the enterprise by focusing on scalability, ease of use and stability improvements,” said Dan Kohn, Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “They are a strong supporter of cloud native computing and have established themselves as a leader in the Kubernetes community. We are thrilled to welcome them as a Platinum Member of CNCF.”

Wise will be presenting “Introduction to Control Plane Engineering” at this week’s sold-out CloundNativeCon/KubeCon in Seattle – covering the relationship between the various components that make up the Kubernetes control plane. More information on his session can be found here.

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