Foundation’s growing membership paving the way for container and cloud technologies

SAN FRANCISCO – May 12, 2016 – The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, a Linux Foundation project and organization dedicated to advancing the development of cloud native applications and services, today announced that Fujitsu Limited is now a Platinum member. The company joins existing CNCF Platinum members Cisco, CoreOS, Docker, Google, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Joyent, Mesosphere, Red Hat, and Supernap in the industry effort to advance and accelerate cloud native computing.

Fujitsu is Japan’s largest Information Communications Technology (ICT) services provider, with 156,000 employees globally and US $41 billion in revenue. The company operates more than 100 data centers worldwide and holds the No. 1 spot in Japan’s ICT services market by revenue. By joining CNCF, Fujitsu is helping to advance the development of open source technologies, reference architectures, and common formats for cloud native technologies and services to drive the adoption of container technologies and microservices.

“Cloud native computing is a key concept for next-generation digital business platforms as these environments will easily connect people, devices and services to enable customers to build services for their business quickly,” said Kenji Kaneshige, director of development department, Linux Development Division at Fujitsu. “By elevating our level of commitment to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Fujitsu will continue to create trusted open platforms for customers to rely on. Growth of CNCF means growth of our digital business platform MetaArc.”

By nurturing a set of emerging cloud native technologies, CNCF is paving the way for faster code reuse, improved machine efficiency, reduced costs, and increased overall agility and maintainability of applications. This work provides the necessary infrastructure for Internet companies and enterprises to scale their businesses.

“We are seeing major companies that are number one in their field recognize the important implications the CNCF will have on the future of infrastructure,” said Chris Aniszczyk, interim executive director of Cloud Native Computing Foundation at The Linux Foundation. “Fujitsu’s technology expertise and guidance have played an important role in the early days of building CNCF, as well as contributing to the Kubernetes project. We look forward to their continued leadership and participation in the project as the company helps the CNCF community grow in the APAC region.”

As a long-time member of The Linux foundation and founding member of the Open Container Initiative and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Fujitsu has been committed to open source software and contributes to such projects as Linux, KVM, OpenStack and more.

The company has also been a contributor to Kubernetes, specifically in areas of the Dashboard, Kubernetes provisioning and OpenStack integration. In March, Fujitsu released its Kubernetes-based offering FUJITSU Software ServerView Cloud Load Control (CLC) to the public, which helps platform operators to efficiently manage Kubernetes as part of the overall infrastructure.

As part of its Platinum membership, Kaneshige will join CNCF’s board of directors. Fujitsu developers will provide insight and experience in supporting enterprise systems and cloud services to the different open source projects hosted by CNCF. Additionally, Fujitsu will make CNCF an important component of its digital business platform MetaArc, which provides connecting services and infrastructures in open standards such as, Linux, KVM, OpenStack and OCI.

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