Foundation introduces new CloudNativeDay to expand ecosystem of cloud native technologies and participates at CoreOS Fest, OSCON and ContainerCon Japan

SAN FRANCISCO – April 26, 2016 – The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, a Linux Foundation project and organization dedicated to advancing the development of cloud native applications and services, today announced it will host and organize KubeCon, a CNCF event co-located with its own inaugural CloudNativeCon, this November in Seattle, as well as all subsequent KubeCon events. Additionally, the CNCF community will host a CloudNativeDay August 25, 2016 in Toronto and participate in a number of other conferences in 2016, like CoreOS Fest, OSCON and ContainerCon Japan, dedicated to cloud native, container and open source education.

KubeCon, originally organized by Kismatic as a community-driven event focused on the education of developers and the promotion of Kubernetes, has been donated to the Foundation as part of the Kubernetes project transfer. As part of CNCF, KubeCon will not only be a gathering place for Kubernetes community contributors, users and developers, but additionally will bring together leading technologists from multiple cloud native communities to further the education of cloud native architectures.

“KubeCon San Francisco and EU were wonderfully successful events that showcased a variety of expert technical talks, sparked creativity and encouraged Kubernetes education,” said Joseph Jacks, vice president of technology strategy at Kismatic. “The events represent the best of the best in the open source cloud native community and attract developers of infrastructure, systems engineers at the middleware layer, operation engineers, and enterprises using Kubernetes technology in production. With the CNCF hosting these community events going forward, the most important cloud native technologies can be accelerated through cross-company and cross-industry collaboration.”

KubeCon, a CNCF event co-located with CloudNativeCon, is a multi-day, multi-track event taking place this November in Seattle. The event will feature highly technical talks covering major production users, leading expert contributor insights, and a full range of technologies that support the cloud native ecosystem. The event will retain the same program committee and talks will still range from introductory to advanced use. The program committee is encouraging KubeCon submissions that address cloud native projects.

CloudNativeCon – web site and CFP coming soon

KubeCon, a CNCF event

Date: November 2016

Location: Seattle

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Website: Coming Soon!

Register to Attend: Coming Soon!

Description: Hosted by the CNCF community and co-located with CloudNativeCon, this event will feature a multi-track, multi-day event dedicated to cloud native education.

“We are looking forward to furthering cloud native education by hosting our own CloudNativeDay in August and CloudNativeCon this fall, which will enable face-to-face collaboration with some of the world’s top technologies advancing and accelerating cloud native computing,” said Chris Aniszczyk, interim executive director of Cloud Native Computing Foundation at The Linux Foundation. “The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is also thrilled to host KubeCon as a CNCF event; co-located with CloudNativeCon. As a commons for cloud native projects, we are looking forward to expanding the CNCF community with our own events and go beyond Kubernetes to bring multiple cloud native communities together in one venue.”

CloudNativeDay, a CNCF event

Date: Thursday, August 25, 2016

Location: Toronto, Canada


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Description: Hosted by the CNCF community and co-located with ContainerCon North America, this event will feature a single-track, one-day event dedicated to cloud native education.

Additionally, CNCF will have a presence at a number of cloud native, container and open source events in 2016 to help further the adoption of cloud native computing; with particular focus on central orchestration processing, cloud native applications, container packaging, and microservices.

CoreOS Fest

Date: May 9-10, 2016

Location: Berlin, Germany


Description: CNCF is a sponsor of CoreOS Fest.


Date: May 16-19, 2016

Location: Austin, Texas


Description: CNCF and Kubernetes to sponsor OSCON Contribute hack-a-thon. Kubernetes will be a featured project in the Google booth hosting office hours to speak with developers.

ContainerCon Japan 2016

Date: July 13-15, 2016

Location: Tokyo, Japan


Description: CNCF member Fujitsu and Interim Executive Director of Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Chris Aniszczyk, will speak at ContainerCon Japan.

Member Event Activity

CNCF member companies will participate in the following events over the next several weeks.

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