The CNCF Governing Board (GB) will be responsible for marketing and other business oversight and budget decisions for the CNCF. The GB does not make technical decisions for the CNCF, other than working with the TOC to set the overall scope for the CNCF. The GB currently consists of these representatives:

Alex Polvi
Bio coming soon.
Alexis Richardson
Weaveworks (TOC Chair)
Alexis is the co-founder and CEO of Weaveworks. He is also the chairman of the TOC for CNCF, and the co-founder of the Coed:Code meetups.
Previously he was at Pivotal, as head of products for Spring, RabbitMQ, Redis, Apache Tomcat and vFabric. Alexis was responsible for resetting the product direction of Spring and transitioning the vFabric business from VMware. Alexis co-founded RabbitMQ, and was CEO of the Rabbit company acquired by VMware in 2010, where he worked on numerous cloud platforms. Rumours persist that he co-founded several other software companies including Cohesive Networks, after a career as a prop trader in fixed income derivatives, and a misspent youth studying and teaching mathematical logic.
Ben Hindman
Ben Hindman is one of the creators of Apache Mesos, a platform for building and running resource-efficient distributed systems at scale.
Ben started working on Mesos as a PhD student at Berkeley before he brought it to Twitter where it runs on thousands of machines. An academic at heart, his research in programming languages and distributed systems has been published in leading academic conferences.
Bob Wise
Samsung SDS
Bob is the Chief Cloud Technologist for Samsung SDS Research America, and opened the Seattle office for Samsung SDS as home base for the SDS Cloud Native Computing Team.
Previously he was the CIO at MTN Satellite Communications, where he was responsible for product strategy and development, including global cloud computing and data center deployments. Prior to MTN, Bob was a VP Engineering in HP's public cloud effort, and led transition to Openstack. He made his way to HP via the acquisition of Seattle startup Melodeo, an early mover in cloud computing.
Brian Goff
Bio coming soon.
Chris Wright
Red Hat
Chris Wright is the Vice President and Chief Technologist at Red Hat.
During his nearly 20 years as a software engineer he has worked in the telecom industry on high availability and distributed systems and in the Linux industry on security and virtualization. He has been a Linux developer for over a decade, most of that time spent deep in the Linux kernel working on security and virtualization. He is intrigued by the challenges that cloud computing brings to virtualization and networking, and is now focused on the cloud, KVM, network virtualization, and virtualizing network functions. He lives in sunny Portland, OR where he is happily hacking on OpenDaylight, Open vSwitch, and OpenStack.
Jason Mendenhall
Supernap / Switch
Jason is the master of all things cloud and big data technologies in his role as Executive Vice President of Cloud.
Since joining the company in 2009, Jason has focused his in efforts in creating the SUPERNAP Cloud Continuum. This powerful technology platform connects enterprises with innovative technologies that help drive their business forward. In this capacity, he also acts as the creator and chief evangelist of new products and services into the Switch ecosystem. Prior to becoming a partner at Switch, Jason was the co-founder of Verde Communications, which was grown and sold to Sparkplug, Inc. Jason has 20 years of experience serving as an executive for global enterprise-level companies in the telecommunications, software, and technology consulting industries.  Jason's depth and breadth of experience in working where technology and business intersect provides him a unique perspective on the issues impacting entrepreneurs, enterprise executives, and technology practitioners. He sits on the UNLV College of Engineering advisory board, serves on the Nevada Knowledge Fund Advisory Council, acts as a mentor to the start-up community, is a founding member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and is a steadfast and strong advocate for the role technology ecosystems play in economic diversification. He holds B.S. in chemical and fuels engineering from the University of Utah and is a native Las Vegan. Jason also serves as one of the primary company representatives, and is a willing participant in global discussions surrounding current and future technology issues impacting today’s business leaders.
Kenneth Owens
Ken Owens is Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Native Platforms at Cisco.
Ken is responsible for creating and communicating technical/scientific vision and strategy for Cisco’s cloud native technologies. He brings a compelling view of technology trends in enterprise IT (e.g. infrastructure, computing, SaaS, virtualization, and cloud) and evangelizes the technology roadmap for the business. Before joining Cisco in 2014, Ken spent over 7 years at Savvis as the Chief Scientist, CTO, and VP Security and Virtualization Technologies. Prior assignments include 5 years as a network security architect at A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc., and Edward Jones brokerage firms in St. Louis, Mo, and 10 years in the design and architecture of communications systems and components for Erlang Technologies, Tellabs, and Wiltel. Ken holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology.
Kenji Kaneshige
He has been working on open source development to offer Linux based enterprise systems to customers as a leader of Linux development team at Fujitsu.
He and his team have made a lots of contribution especially to enterprise features such as RAS, Resource Management, scalability enhancements and virtualization. He is now leading Fujitsu's open source development and working as the Fujitsu's representative to OSS communities. His team contributes to the variety of OSS communities such as OpenStack, Linux Kernel, Qemu, libvirt, docker, LTP, etc.
Mark Thiele
Mark Thiele’s successful career in IT spans 25 years and has focused on both operating roles and on driving cloud adoption across enterprises of all sizes.
Currently, Mark drives cross-functional strategic initiatives as the chief strategy officer for Apcera. Prior to joining Apcera, Mark was the executive vice president of ecosystem development at Switch SUPERNAP, the president and founder of Data Center Pulse, and held executive roles at HP, Gilead, VMware and Brocade. He is also a member of nonprofit groups including The Green Grid and Infrastructure 2.0, where he advocates for data center and cloud industry evolution.
Navneet Joneja
Navneet Joneja leads Product Management for cloud computing platforms (Compute Engine, Container Engine, App Engine and Cloud Functions) at Google.
A self-professed platforms geek, he sees Kubernetes as the path to users' hybrid cloud needs. He previously led engineering and product teams at Interwoven, Amazon and Yahoo in the areas of cloud platforms and services. Navneet holds degrees from Delhi University and the University of California, Berkeley.

Chair of Governing Board

Nicholas Weaver
Bio coming soon.
Peixin Hou
Peixin has been working in the software industry for over 20 years and has sufficient experience in operating systems, mobile software, media processing, and cloud computing.
Peixin started his open source journey back to year 2000 and is now an active strategist and evangelist in this field. He is involved in defining various key strategies on open source for the company, and he leads Huawei’s FOSS development in areas such as Linux, containers, and so on. He also serves as a board member or steering committee member in several open source organizations, such as the Linux Foundation, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII). He represented Huawei in the board of Linaro and Tizen Association in the past terms as well. Peixin received his Ph.D degree from University of Surrey, UK in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.
Scott Hammond
Scott joined Joyent from Cisco where he served as the Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for Cisco's Cloud and Systems Management Technology Group following the acquisition of newScale, Inc. in 2011.
newScale was the leading provider of cloud automation and management software products. Large enterprises and service providers deployed newScale to increase the agility and reduce the cost of operating their cloud infrastructure. The newScale product suite included a self-service portal, governance, provisioning, tracking, service lifecycle management, and billing. Prior to newScale, Scott was the founder, President and CEO of Digital Market, Inc. (DMI), the leading provider of Web-based sourcing and procurement solutions for direct materials. Scott founded the company in 1995 by building the world's first Web-based trading exchange conducting over $2B worth of transactions between more than 1000 trading partners. In November of 1999, DMI merged with Agile Software (NASD:AGIL). While at Agile, he designed a next generation trading exchange for the electronics industry with Dell Computer, Cisco, Intel, Accel Partners and Gen3 Partners.
Sinclar Schuller
Sinclair Schuller is the CEO of Apprenda. With his two co-founders, Apprenda has secured $57M in venture capital from funds NEA, Ignition Partners, Safeguard Scientifics, and High Peak Ventures to deliver private and public PaaS to enterprise developers.
Apprenda is the best way for enterprises to cloud enable existing and new applications on current and future infrastructure investments. Sinclair serves on multiple venture networks and speaks nationally on the topics of enterprise IT efficiency, cloud computing and next generation enterprise architectures. Before Apprenda, Sinclair held positions at Morgan Stanley, Eden Communications, and consulted for the State University of New York’s (SUNY) vast IT systems. Sinclair holds dual Bachelor of Science degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Todd Moore
IBM (Chair of Governing Board)
Todd Moore, IBM VP, Open Technology, these days he leads the IBM global team working to develop open communities that fuel both innovation and new business models.
Todd can be found engaged with communities and technologies that span Cloud Computing, Mobile, Social Business, and Analytics. He has the pulse of where open innovation is happening around the industry. Todd has a unique background in software and hardware development, architecture, design and product management. He has served in executive roles in both IBM's Software and Systems. Prior to his current role, Todd worked with IBM Acquisitions to integrate new members of the IBM community. Leading IBM's WebServices, Security and Restful Services development for WebSphere is also part of his resume. He has extensive experience in mobile and distributed computing systems, with a background spanning embedded devices to large parallel systems. Over his career, Todd and his team of open source developers have gained insight by working with some of the leading Open Source communities such as the Apache Software Foundation, Linux Foundation, eClipse, OSGi, Cloud Foundry, Docker, JQuery, Node.js and more. He currently serves as Board of Directors member in the OpenStack Foundation. He holds a Masters Degree in the Management of Technology from the MIT Sloan School of Business, and a BS EE from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
Val Bercovici
Valentin (Val) Bercovici, a longtime NetApp executive and member of the Office of the CTO, is now part of SolidFire as CTO.
In this new role, Bercovici leads SolidFire’s Office of the CTO (SFOCTO) which is responsible for SolidFire’s technology vision and strategy. The SFOCTO engages with and explores the latest technology communities, ecosystems and stacks, delivering strategic technical guidance in support of SolidFire’s largest and most complex customer and partner deployments. Bercovici has served as NetApp’s Global Cloud CTO and Cloud Czar for the past six years, pioneering technologies and strategies for the company’s Cloud storage and data management portfolio now known as the NetApp Data Fabric. Over the course of nearly 20 years with NetApp, his teams have played an integral role in successfully growing the company beyond a pure storage play into the Cloud era. Bercovici, a pioneer in the Cloud industry, introduced the first International Cloud Standard to the marketplace as CDMI (ISO INCITS 17826) in 2012 and has several patents pending around data center applications of augmented reality.