Do I need to be a member to participate?
No. Non-members are welcome to participate in CNCF Slack channel, Mail lists, and CNCF Events

How can I sponsor CNCF Events?
Please refer to each event’s page as listed on, or email

What is the relationship between the CNCF and The Linux Foundation?
The Linux Foundation hosts the CNCF, as well as 50+ additional open source projects. More information can be found at

The CNCF, Kubernetes, and Prometheus each have their own website. What is the relationship and why multiple sites?

The CNCF currently hosts the Kubernetes and Prometheus projects. Additional projects will be added as approved by the TOC. (see project proposal process here). Per the CNCF Charter (bullet 2), The CNCF will serve a role in the open source community responsible for: (a) Stewardship of the projects; (b) Fostering the growth and evolution of the ecosystem; (c) Promotion of the underlying technologies, and approach to application definition and management, including: events and conferences, marketing (SEM, direct marketing), training courses and developer certification; and (d) Serve the community by making the technology accessible and reliable.

I have a question and I’m not sure who or where to ask?
No worries! Email us at and we will point you in the right direction