Argo CD, Flux CD and the GitOps Revolution

CNCF Member Online program
Presented by: AWS

This program has passed.

Program Speakers: Jay Pipes Principal, Open Source Engineer @Amazon Web Services

Deployment Automation the Kubernetes Way

GitOps is a combination of best practices for automating the deployment of containerized applications and infrastructure.

In this webinar, Jay Pipes will do a deep dive on GitOps best practices and demonstrate Argo CD and Flux CD, which are two Kubernetes-native applications that facilitate and help enforce these best practices.

Jay will walk through the automation of an application’s deployment using both Flux CD and Argo CD. In the process, you will learn about the different approaches Argo CD and Flux CD take to enforce GitOps practices and be able to compare the different user experiences that each project provides.

The Argo CD and Flux CD communities are going through the process of combining forces, and we will finish off the webinar with an overview of the joint Argo + Flux roadmap.



Jay Pipes Principal, Open Source Engineer @Amazon Web Services