Monthly Newsletter – March 2017

rkt & containerd join the family!

CNCF has now established itself as the focal point for container development in the cloud native ecosystem. As the new home for both containerd and rkt, CNCF is excited to unlock opportunities for broader collaboration. To learn more about how these projects were contributed into CNCF and what this means for other projects, see these links:

rkt: the pod-native container engine launches into CNCF
containerd joins: Dan Kohn and Solomon Hykes comment

Why CNCF Recommends ASLv2

The CNCF aims to create an intellectual property “no-fly zone”, where contributors and users can come together from any company or from no company, collaborate, and build things together better than any of them could do on their own.

A recent report from Redmonk shows the increasing popularity of these permissive licenses. Proponents of copyleft licenses have argued that these licenses prevent companies from exploiting open source projects by building proprietary products on top of them. Instead, we have found that successful projects can help companies’ products be successful, and that the resulting profits can be fed back into those projects by having the companies employ many of the key developers, creating a positive feedback loop.

Can you guess what 3 open source programming languages are (mainly) used for CNCF’s existing 9 projects? Click through to see.

Calling Cloud Native End Users

Does your company use cloud native technologies internally (like Ticketmaster and Box) but not offer cloud native services to your customers (like IBM and Google do)? Then we want you to join the CNCF End User Board. It is only $4,500 per year and includes 5 tickets to CloudNativeCon/KubeCon ($1,700/2 tickets for startups). Meet monthly with other end users to share (positive and negative) experiences, hear from current and prospective CNCF projects, and appoint one member to the very important Technical Oversight Committee.

Missed our recent webinar?

We’ve enjoyed hearing your feedback around the monthly webinar series and are excited to share that you can now easily catch up on all the recordings via our new Recorded Events page. The on-demand videos now include insights from top leaders regarding Cloud Native strategy, networking, purpose, and practical ways you can implement the technologies.

Calling all speakers! DevNet Create

Do you love to code? Are you a trailblazer in secure app development, IoT or bot app development? Want to share your microservices or container success story? If so, we want you at DevNet Create, May 23-24, 2017 in San Francisco. Our call for speakers is now open until April 8 and linked below.

How are you using containers? 50 gift cards up for grabs

Our partners at Google created a survey proctored by ESG. The survey inquires about your organization’s use of container technology and should take between 5 and 10 minutes. There will be 50 submissions randomly drawn, each getting a $50 eBay gift card. We appreciate your time and input!