Monthly Newsletter – February 2018

Vitess Project Joins to Enable Distributed Database Workloads

We are happy to announce that Vitess has been accepted as an incubation-level project. Originally created as an internal solution by YouTube to handle scaling for massive amounts of storage, Vitess is a database orchestration system for horizontal scaling of MySQL through generalized sharding. Some other features include:

  • Enables MySQL to run in the cloud
  • Cloud-native functionality such as support for automatic failover/recovery, replication and rolling upgrades
  • Query routing, rewriting and sanitization, blacklisting, streaming, and de-duping

Learn more about Vitess’ features and some of the incredible organizations actively contributing to the project.

Kubernetes @ The Open Networking Summit

The Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) Project is bringing together vendors and carriers representing more than 60% of the world’s mobile subscribers to automate, design, orchestrate and manage services and virtual functions. At ONS, March 26 – 29 in LA, we’ll be demonstrating how ONAP can leverage Kubernetes.

Our valued readers can use the promo code ONSCNCF18 to get 15% off their event registration.


KubeCon Diversity Scholarships: A Story by Kris Nova

“In 2016 I attended my first KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in Seattle, Washington. I was one of 5 diversity scholarship winners for the conference. The CNCF funded the trip, and the event dramatically changed my life. Almost 2 years later, I am now an ambassador of the CNCF and one of the members of the diversity committee. I contribute to Kubernetes, and am a published author. All thanks to the CNCF taking a chance on me and giving me an opportunity to participate.” -Kris Nova

The diversity scholarship deadline for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2018 closes March 2nd, so hurry up and apply!

Huawei’s Cloud Native Journey – As A User, Vendor and Contributor

Huawei is one of the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers in the world. It has eight data centers for its internal I.T. department, which run 800+ applications in 100K+ VMs to serve 180,000 employee users.

Huawei recently turned to containerization and Kubernetes; Development cycles decreased from a week to minutes using a Kubernetes-based PaaS solution. Operating expenses went down, in some circumstances by 20-30 percent. Read more in the in-depth case study, linked below.

Upcoming Events

We would love to further connect with you at an upcoming event or webinar. Please also know that our full agenda, including the keynotes for Copenhagen has now released. Check out the lineup!