Monthly Newsletter – December 2017

2017 in Review – How Do You Measure Community?

With community being the focus, as 2017 draws to a close, it’s fun to look back and celebrate the great contributions that all of you have made. Many investments of sleepless nights coding, brilliant ideas, time, technology, and money by collective people and organizations. Too many to count…so thank you!

Some data to illustrate these investments — 2016 concluded with 4 open source projects apart of the CNCF, 2017 wraps with 14 incredible technologies and over 160 organizations, all striving to improve how applications can be developed and managed. The number of Kubernetes authors has more than doubled, to 2,380 contributors in 2017, with authors for all other CNCF projects nearly tripling over the past year, now up to 1,415. Meetups discussing Cloud Native things have also exceeded 120 groups that include over 47,000 members.

This is what community in action looks like, and we are excited to continue solving new problems, on this journey together in 2018.

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Recap

Over 4,100 people joined last week at a sold out event in Austin. This was 4x the attendee count we saw in Seattle just one year ago! It was incredible to witness so many practitioners solving real-world problems with Cloud Native technologies.

The attendees pictured above made it because of the generous donations from Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Twistlock, and the CNCF. We were initially planning on sending 30 scholarship winners, until receiving an overwhelming number of applicants – 100 in total. After discussing together, we all decided it was important to bring all applicants to Austin, because a diverse community is a stronger community. Thus the amount climbed from the $60k initially planned, to $250k in total diversity scholarships offered for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon!

Catch more content from the event, including keynotes, training, and other recorded sessions (179 videos in total) on our YouTube channel linked below.


The Results Are In!

Remember that comprehensive survey you took (or ignored) a couple of months ago!? Well we have the results and have also notified the raffle prize winners! We conducted it to learn more about the current landscape of cloud native technologies. More than 550 community members responded; here are a few highlights:

• 49% work for North America-based companies and 32% work for Europe-based companies
• 37% identified as DevOps and 29% identified as Developers
• 55% worked at companies under 500 employees
• 28% came from companies with more than 5000 employees

What did this wide sampling have to say about how they’re all using Cloud Native technologies?

1.0 Party

So many milestone releases this month, demonstrating a great leap ahead for all of these projects. Download the code, throw a party, we’re excited and celebrating with ya.

Fluentd 1.0: biggest updates include sub-second time resolution, Windows support, and now more than 700 API plugins
CoreDNS 1.0: many Kubernetes plugin enhancements, including new filtering views, performance / health improvements
Jaeger 1.0: now easily deployable in the cloud environments, flexible in its infrastructure dependencies, backwards compatible with existing solutions, and integrated with other CNCF projects
containerd 1.0: after several months in alpha and beta status, 1.0 is now GA and has a stress testing system, improvements in garbage collection, and shim memory usage.