By May 3, 2018 News

As for Kubernetes, well, if all the attention around it seems like overkill in the beginning, it has since transformed into arguably the biggest thing to hit IT since cloud computing. I think the majority of new applications will eventually be built and packaged using Kubernetes, even if containers really do give way to serverless computing as an even lower-touch approach for developers at some point. If you follow what’s happening inside the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, where Kubernetes lives, they’re already shifting some focus to serverless and it seems safe to assume that Kubernetes will be a foundational element of whatever emerges there.

Finally, speaking of the CNCF, I’ve noted this before but it bears repeating: We’re in a new era in IT, especially infrastructure, where open source is more important than ever. And it seems like the CNCF (which technically is part of the Linux Foundation) wields a level of power heretofore unseen among open source foundations. It has money, huge members and, seemingly, a functional governance model. And it’s really stepping up its efforts around certifications and other business-level functions. READ MORE