Production Identity Day: SPIFFE + SPIRE North America

Location: Los Angeles, United States

October 11, 2021
CNCF-organized Event

“Production identity” is a common set of identity and authentication challenges facing distributed systems.  Many spend significant time and effort in establishing trusted bi-directional communication between different parts of the system.  Often these are lacking in many respects: not rooted in sound identity “bedrock”, no ability to rotate credentials, no federation with other systems, and few policy opportunities (which are highly valued and critical for enterprises).

SPIFFE and SPIRE are CNCF incubating projects that aim to solve these challenges in a common way by defining and implementing a universal identity control plane that can be leveraged across many different types of systems — not just containerized or cloud native.

We are excited to host the second Production Identity Day at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America to share learnings around the latest developments in the space, exhibit demonstrations, and discuss real-world use cases with others who share an interest in identity, authentication, and zero trust security.

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