Case Study:

Challenge: Increase velocity and bring together Dev and Ops

Application: Cluster management for new microservices architecture

Solution: Migration to Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform

Number of deployments went from fewer than 10 a week to 30-60 per day

Deployments that used to take weeks now take minutes or seconds

Before, infrastructure- and platform-related projects took months or years to complete; now they can be done in weeks and sometimes days

50% cost savings going from custom data center/VMs to containerized infrastructure and cloud services

“Splitting up the monolith allowed higher velocity, and Kubernetes was crucial to support that. Containerization and orchestration by Kubernetes helped us to drastically reduce the conflict between Dev and Ops and also allowed us to speak the same language on both sides of the aisle.” —Cedric Meury, Head of Platform Engineering,

“One of the core moments was when a front-end developer asked me how to do a port forward from his laptop to a front-end application to debug, and I told him the command. And he was like, ‘Wow, that’s all I need to do?’ He was super excited and happy about it. That showed me that this power in the right hands can just accelerate development.” — Cedric Meury, Head of Platform Engineering,

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