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Only at CloudNativeDay: Dr. Angel Diaz on Scaling Containers from Sandbox to Production

Dr. Angel Diaz Keynotes CloudNativeDay 2016

There is an industry IT renaissance occurring as we speak around cloud, data and mobile technology and it’s driven by open source code, community and culture.

If you want to learn more about this renaissance, then make your way to Toronto for CloudNativeDay on August 25th for Dr. Angel Diaz’s keynote on “Scaling Containers from Sandbox to Production.”

In this exciting keynote, Dr. Angel Diaz, IBM’s VP Cloud Architecture & Technology, will discuss how the digital disruption in today’s market is largely driven by containers and other open technologies. With a container-centric approach, developers are able to quickly stand up containers, to iterate quickly, and rapidly change their architectures. Dr. Diaz will provide insight on how enterprises are able to transform the way their companies grow, maintain and rapidly expand container and micro-service based applications across multiple clouds. Dr. Diaz will also discuss the role of CNCF in creating a new set of common container management technologies informed by technical merit and end user value. More on his session and speaker profile can be found here.

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